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Successful key solutions and applications in various industrial sectors

The key to our success is our service. In collaboration with our partners, we optimize the application of products designed ad-hoc, for each specific need.

movilidad ferroviario bicicleta


By applying know-how acquired in the automotive sector, we improve surface treatments in companies in the mobility sector (railways, bicycles, etc.) both in terms of the process and the product.


We advise our customers on the automation and optimization of manufacturing processes (material injection, assembly, painting, etc.).


We improve production metrics (rejection levels, lead time, delays, etc.).


Our know-how is not limited to the development of high-quality surface finishing products (paints, varnishes, etc.); we also optimise the application process.


We have extensive knowledge of surface decoration processes, which, together with the development of new products, allows us to offer t a wide range of aesthetics and finishes.

Energías renovables, solar, fotovoltaica, generación de hidrógeno

Renewable energies

We are a member of the Energy Cluster association and, as such, we collaborate in R&D projects with leading companies of the sector: solar, photovoltaic, hydrogen generation.


By collaborating with energy companies and technology centres, we are able to develop and test products that improve corrosion resistance of wind farms, both onshore and offshore and also in the photovoltaic sector.


We have developed several products that not only improve corrosion resistance performance, but also have other functional properties, easy cleaning, repaint ability, anti-icing, optical properties etc.

automoción cero defectivo, mejora tiempos y costes


Extensive knowledge of industrial processes aimed at improving the manufacturing process for our customers, as a result of our more than 25 years of experience in the automotive sector, providong  high-quality services and advice about surface treatment for the leading manufacturers in the field.


Development of solid and reliable processes for the automotive industry, more competitive technologies, zero defects, improvement in time and cost.


Development of surface treatment processes with higher added value, finishes on light alloys, development of filmogens, primers, etc.


Plastic/metal injection process engineering (extrusion, injection, blow molding, stamping).



We apply our know-how to sectors with high added value, such as aeronautics, where components are subject to high stress due to changes in external conditions.


Development of easy-to-clean coatings, anti-icing, coatings for light alloys.


More eco-sustainable finishing processes, in line with current legislation.

otros sectores


The experience we have acquired working for highly demanding sectors, both in terms of aesthetics and in extreme working conditions, opens the door to other sectors.



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