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What we do


Development of our own R&D, thanks to our participation in consortium projects, and also to our strategic alliances and partnerships with leading companies and technology centers in the sector.


Stat- of- the- art solutions in surface treatments and materials for demanding and highly technological sectors such as automotive, renewable energies or mobility.


Development of new differentiated products/processes in the following technological lines:

  • Products/materials
    • Functional products: corrosion, wear, antifouling, anti-adherence, etc.
    • Aesthetic products: paints, varnishes, etc.
    • New plastic materials.
  • Processes
    • Painting installations.
    • Process engineering (material transformation, plastic injection, surface decoration processes, etc.).
    • Selective processes.

Success stories

Multi PV

Multi PV


New Advanced Technologies for Multifunctional Photovoltaic Modules and Systems Integrated into Buildings and Infrastructure.



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