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Multi PV

SECTOR: Renewable Energies.

PROJECT: New Advanced Technologies for Multifunctional Photovoltaic Modules and Systems Integrated into Buildings and Infrastructure.

ACHIEVEMENT: To develop organic and hybrid coatings for corrosion and biofouling protection for degradation models.

The objective of the strategic Hazitek project MULTIPV (ZE-2023/000), which was subsidized in the HAZITEK 2023 call and led by LANIK, is to create advanced technologies to develop multifunctional photovoltaic modules and systems that are capable of being integrated into buildings and infrastructure. Currently, integrated photovoltaic energy has a market with a strong growth forecast, but it also faces significant challenges in terms of cost, aesthetics, maintenance, energy efficiency, and durability.

Currently, large areas in buildings and infrastructure that are exposed to the sun are being unused or underutilized. These areas could be exploited if specific solutions were available to address existing problems. Building-and infrastructure-integrated photovoltaic technology is expected to gain ground over large-scale installations.

The project is led by LANIK, and in addition to INNOMAT, other companies will collaborate in this initiative, including: Mondragón Assembly, IFV solution manufacturers (e.g., K2GlassIzpitek and Umetal), IFV solution integrators (e.g., LanikTeusaKreanTrameinsa Uxama)Potential public and private end users (e.g., Baskonia AlavésETS-RFV and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia). Technological partners (e.g., TECNALIA and KONIKER).

INNOMAT’s main objective in this initiative is to work on three research lines to develop and adapt coating technologies, which meet the required specifications:

  • Research on polymeric coatings, a technology with which INNOMAT has extensive experience, and which will be adapted to meet the photovoltaic industry’s needs
  • Development of polymer matrix coatings with glass microspheres, which aim to vary the refractive index and modify their optical properties
  • Optimization of organic-inorganic hybrid coatings through sol-gel technology, based on TECNALIA’s patent application EP19383186

In addition to formulation development, INNOMAT will work on the process of developing a robust material coating that meets various requirements related to optical properties, moisture barrier, chemical and ultraviolet resistance, and low surface energy to prevent the adherence of dirt and ensure the necessary mechanical properties to resist phenomena (e.g., abrasion). Furthermore, the developed coating should be applicable and favor the deposition of a homogeneous and thin layer, which respects the geometry that the integrated modules may require. The application process of the multifunctional coatings shall focus on a one-step application, thus optimising the cost.

Based on the design of the coating composition, an environmentally friendly, low-cost process will be achieved, whereby the design will focus on an easily scalable formulation with good stability and durability.

To carry out all the innovations, several subsets will be manufactured to be independently monitored in controlled environments in different applications, such as:

  • Complex geometry photovoltaic skylights (FV) in Lanik installations
  • Ventilated PV façades and other unique façades in the experimental Kubik building of TECNALIA
  • PV canopy in urban and railway environments
  • PV envelope for outdoor elevators
  • Prefabricated PV structural system for energy self-sufficient road tunnels


Project funded by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government (HAZITEK 2023 Programme) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).



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